Tuesday, 4 December 2018

ice skateing

3 weeks ago on saturday i went ice skating with my auntie and my cousins and uncle we had to wait for five minutes then we could go get our shoes and go skate when we put our shoe in i slipped to the flall lucky i had a helmet on . But then we got something to hold on then my uncle told us how to skate but it was still hard for me to skate because it was slippery but i new how to skate holding on to something.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Rainbow's end

Last Saturday me and my cousins and auntie went to rainbow’s end the first ride we went to the roller coaster it was terrifying because i was in the front of the seat with my cousin when we started i was scared but at the . Back of us i heard my cousin screaming his lungs off but when we got to the loop it was scary because you go upside down the second ride was the invader how you spin in circles in a w when we liened up we had to wait for 2 turns .

When it was our turn i was not scared of going on because i always go on the invader and the third ride i went in was .Power surge then we went to the fear fall it was scary when you go up in to the sky but when it hit the top me and my cousin were terrified when it dropped.

Me and my cousin felt sick after that but then we went to gold rush it was a long line to wait after 5 rides we finally made it in both of us were in the front we were scared because i was night rides .

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Fraction picture

I made a island with a bout and a meteor flrying down to the ground with  2 circiles and 2 halfs with 21 8th s and one  qureter

Thursday, 15 November 2018

design a tile

Athletics day

Last week on Friday the hole of pt England school did athletics first the boys in the block did high jump with miss King .  miss King said if you are left handed you go to the left if you are right handed you stay on the right side she said if you fail you go to the blue high jump with Mr Moran and . Whaea Kelly  for the people who failed  my  favourite event was sprinting and doge ball i. Like sprinting because you run as fast as you can and try to be in the finals  doge ball is my favourite.
Event because you have to throw and catch the ball   if you throw the ball at there body three out if you hit three face there still in the game  when  got to volly ball Mr Moran   let us had a brake he let us get a drink of water with miss Shania .

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

cross country

As I line up at the starting line when mr Burt said ready set and smashed the blocks .Together I rushed across the field when I got to miss king I was exhausted so I started to jog I felt delighted it was over . As I zoomed past the finish line i was so. Exhausted then I got a water and sat down and Cheered them on after That I went to play with my friends.