Friday, 9 June 2017

Museum trip

Last week team 2 went to the museum. First room 26 went to the lesson room. We got to eat then we put our bags in the cage. I ate a chicken avocado sandwich. We left the Kai room. Kohatu and I went up the elevator. I saw a t-Rex and I saw a lobster. I saw a buffalo, a whale, a bear and a sea dinosaur. 
After that we had a ta moko and I got a kiwi. The teachers taught us how to make a ipu then we wrapped the ipu up.
Finally it was time to go. So I put on my shoes and I went on the bus back to school.
I felt joyful because it was so interesting.


  1. I really enjoyed reading your writing Kyzel. It was pretty cool getting the ta moko wasn't it? Do you remember where the kiwi tattoo went on the face? I really like your picture too. I like the adjective you used to describe how you felt after the trip. Keep up the good work Kyzel.

    From Miss Szymanik

  2. Hi Kyzyl I love your picture because it is cool and you put some detail in your picture and you put some ccraons into your picture Kyzyl your picture is cool

  3. Hi Kyzel what an amazing photo of the dinosaur.

  4. Hey KYZEL i like your photo and your writing to and the blood is really scry BYE BYE